Gamers Land Party

GLP is an event that we create for support and gather all Gaming Platform Communities in Indonesia such as PC, Mobile, Console, Boardgame, Cardgame, and many more. This event Endorsed and opened by Minister of ICT (Menkominfo), with 109 media coverage and get Overwhelming feedback from our fans who posted comments such as “GLP was more happening than the main TI event in Shanghai and we look forward to participating in the next GLP”.

GLP also the 1st full digital esports event with prediction app, livestream, and main promotions through digital channels.

[mkdf_highlight background_color=”#B30000″ color=”#FFFFFF”]ATTENDACE 6.146[/mkdf_highlight] [mkdf_highlight background_color=”#B30000″ color=”#FFFFFF”]IMPRESSIONS 232M[/mkdf_highlight] [mkdf_highlight background_color=”#B30000″ color=”#FFFFFF”]COMPETITIONS 13[/mkdf_highlight] [mkdf_highlight background_color=”#B30000″ color=”#FFFFFF”]AMEDIA COVERANGE 109[/mkdf_highlight]